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Realization of absolute negative refraction index by a photonic crystal using anisotropic dielectric material
作者: 方云团, 欧阳征标 主题: 川乌 年份: 2008
摘要: <正>a method to realize absolute negative refraction index-1 with a two-dimensional(2d)photonic crystal is presented by introducing dielectric anisotropy in the photonic crystal material.the band structures of e-polarization mode and h-polarization mode can be adjusted by changing the parameters of materials. thus the two modes with different polarizations have the same negative refraction index-1 for the same frequency.the results are demonstrated by numerical simulation based on the finite-difference time- domain(fdtd)method.
Improving the precision of fluorescence lifetime measurement using a streak camera
作者: 李恒, 邵永红, 王岩, 屈军乐, 牛憨笨 主题: 年份: 2010
摘要: streak camera has high temporal resolution and high sensitivity, and is a powerful tool in biomedical study to measure fluorescence lifetime and perform fluorescence lifetime imaging. however, nonuniformity of the gain in the streak tube and nonlinearity of the sweeping speed limit the precision of fluorescence lifetime measurement, particularly when fluorescence lifetimes are short. we have constructed a two-photon excitation fluorescence lifetime measurement system that is based on a synchroscan streak camera and have developed accordingly a method to correct the effect of gain nonuniformity and nonlinearity of sweeping speed on the measurement precision. a continuous-wave laser of high stability is used to calibrate the gain of the streak camera, and a fabry-perot etalon is used to calibrate the nonlinearity of the sweeping speed. fitting algorithms are used to correct the gain of the streak camera and nonlinearity of the sweeping speed respectively, which significantly improves the measurement precision o...
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