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Terahertz transmission properties of Cr ion implantation glass
作者: 苏红, 周航, 王世兴, 陈琼州, 梁华伟, 阮双琛 主题: 年份: 2010
摘要: <正>cr ion implantations in glass with the different doses of d=1.493×10~(17) and 4.976×10~(17) ion/cm~2 are obtained by metal vapor vacuum arc(mevva).the effects of the different cr ion implanted doses on terahertz(thz) transmission property are analyzed from thz time-domain spectroscopy.the results show that the more the cr ion implanted dose in the micro-area implantation glasses,the larger the thz transmission except the larger absorption at 0.24 thz.this is an effect attributed to the coupling of plasmas on both the implantation and the implantation affected zones of the cr ion implantation glass.
Real-time,continuous-wave terahertz imaging by a pyroelectric camera
作者: 杨珺, 阮双琛, 张敏 主题: 年份: 2008
摘要: <正>real-time,continuous-wave terahertz(thz)imaging is demonstrated.a 1.89-thz optically-pumped far- infrared laser is used as the illumination source,and a 124×124 element room-temperature pyroelectric camera is adopted as the detector.with this setup,thz images through various wrapping materials are shown.the results show that this imaging system has the potential applications in real-time mail and security inspection.
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