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Realization of absolute negative refraction index by a photonic crystal using anisotropic dielectric material
作者: 方云团, 欧阳征标 主题: 川乌 年份: 2008
摘要: <正>a method to realize absolute negative refraction index-1 with a two-dimensional(2d)photonic crystal is presented by introducing dielectric anisotropy in the photonic crystal material.the band structures of e-polarization mode and h-polarization mode can be adjusted by changing the parameters of materials. thus the two modes with different polarizations have the same negative refraction index-1 for the same frequency.the results are demonstrated by numerical simulation based on the finite-difference time- domain(fdtd)method.
Loss properties of all-solid photonic band gap fibers with an array of rings
作者: 耿优福, 李学金, 谭晓玲, 姚建铨 主题: 年份: 2010
摘要: the confinement loss and bend loss properties of all-solid photonic band gap fibers with an array of rings doped with highindex material are investigated.the calculated results show that for a specific structure,the confinement loss and the critical bend radius are reduced simultaneously in some band gaps by increasing the inner diameter of ring,which provides a useful guide and a theoretical basis for designing large mode area fibers with low loss.
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