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Analytic model of non-uniform corrosion induced cracking of reinforced concrete structure
作者: 张小刚, 王学志, 卢朝辉, 邢锋 主题: reinforced concrete, non-uniform corrosion induced cracking, dynamic cracking, local rusty layer, stress intensity factor 年份: 2011
摘要: in order to perfectly reflect the dynamic corrosion of reinforced concrete (rc) cover in practical engineering,an analytic model of non-uniform corrosion induced cracking was presented based on the elastic-plastic fracture mechanics theory.comparisons with the published experimental data show that the predictions given by the present model are in good agreement with the results both for natural exposed experiments and short-time indoor tests (the best difference is about 2.7%).also it obviously provides much better precision than those models under the assumption of uniform corrosion (the maximal improved precision is about 48%).therefore,it is pointed out that the so-called uniform corrosion models to describe the cover cracking of rc should be adopted cautiously.finally,the influences of thickness of local rusty layer around the reinforcing steel bar on the critical corrosion-induced crack indexes were is found that the thickness of local rusty layer has great effect on the critical mass los...
Effect of Chloride Content on Bond Behavior Between FRP and Concrete
作者: 潘金龙, 黄毅方, 邢锋 主题: fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), concrete, chloride content, direct shear test, debonding behavior 年份: 2010
摘要: for reinforced concrete structures located along the seaside, the penetration of chloride ions into concrete may be a threat to the durability of the structures. experimental investigations were carried out to study the effect of chloride content on the bond behavior between concrete and fiber reinforced polymer (frp) plates. direct shear tests were conducted on the frp strengthened concrete members. before testing, the specimens were immersed in nacl solutions with concentrations ranging from 3%—15% for different time (0—120 d). then, the specimens were dried and tested to obtain the initial and ultimate debonding loads, together with strain distributions along the frp plates of different load values. the correlations between chloride content and debonding parameters are established. test results show that the debonding parameters are closely related to the immersing time rather than the chloride content of the solution.
Coupling effects of influence factors on probability of corrosion initiation time of reinforced concrete
作者: 张小刚, 赵衍刚, 邢锋, 卢朝辉 主题: reinforced concrete, corrosion initiation time, coupling influence model, influence factors, natural exposure data, probability distribution 年份: 2011
摘要: the coupling model of major influence factors such as environmental relative humidity,load-induced crack and stress state affecting the chloride diffusion process in concrete is discussed.the probability distributions of the critical chloride concentration cc,the chloride diffusion coefficient d,and the surface chloride concentration cs were determined based on the collected natural exposure data.and the estimation of probability of corrosion initiation considering the coupling effects of influence factors is is found that the relative humidity and curing time are the most effective factors affecting the probability of corrosion initiation before and after 10 years of exposure the same exposure time,the influence of load-induced crack and stress state on the probability of corrosion initiation is obvious,in which the effect of crack is the most one.
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