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Loss properties of all-solid photonic band gap fibers with an array of rings
作者: 耿优福, 李学金, 谭晓玲, 姚建铨 主题: 年份: 2010
摘要: the confinement loss and bend loss properties of all-solid photonic band gap fibers with an array of rings doped with highindex material are investigated.the calculated results show that for a specific structure,the confinement loss and the critical bend radius are reduced simultaneously in some band gaps by increasing the inner diameter of ring,which provides a useful guide and a theoretical basis for designing large mode area fibers with low loss.
Photoelectrochemical etching of uniform macropore array on full 5-inch silicon wafers
作者: 赵志刚, 郭金川, 雷耀虎, 牛憨笨 主题: photoelectrochemical etching, macropore array, large area, non-uniformity, current density 年份: 2010
摘要: <正>we analyze the two main factors causing non-uniformity of the etched macropore array first,and then a novel photoelectrochemical etching setup for large area silicon wafers is described.this etching setup refined typical etching setups by a water cooling system and a shower-head shaped electrolyte circulator.experimental results showed that the uniform macropore array on full 5-inch n-type silicon wafers could be fabricated by this etching setup.the morphology of the macropore array can be controlled by adjusting the corresponding etching parameters.
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